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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about what it's going to be like to work with us.
  • What areas do you specialize in organizing?
    We can organize any area of your home or office, including toy rooms, bedrooms, closets, laundry rooms, bathrooms, garages, storage spaces, sheds, and more. We can tackle any area you find hard to keep organized.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum project size you accept?
    Every job is unique. Some projects require us to come every week for a year and others are as small as a one-time visit to organize a closet. We have a 3-hour minimum for jobs and there is no maximum project size.
  • How long does the organizing process typically take?
    A typical session lasts 4 hours with two organizers. It is not uncommon for us to come back for multiple sessions. It just all depends on your project size.
  • How much do your services cost?
    We typically charge $70 per hour, per organizer. Most jobs require two organizers and sessions usually last 4 hours. So, a typical 4-hour session would cost $560. Costs vary depending on your needs.
  • Do you offer free consultations or estimates?
    Yes, we offer free consultations where we will come out to your home or office for a quick chance to meet you, see your space and learn more about your organizational goals. We may also use this time to take some photos and measure your space so we can start the planning process.
  • Do I need to purchase organizing products before hiring your services?
    We do not expect you to purchase anything beforehand. In some cases, we may suggest items for you to buy or we can do the shopping for you. If you’d like our advice on what to buy, we also offer a service for a custom list for your home where we’ll suggest organizational items for you to purchase on your own. This list would include items unique to your space that we think would benefit you most, and we’ll detail how and where to use them.
  • Do I need to clean up my space before you come?
    Nope! It’s actually better if you don’t clean before we come over. It’s best when we get to see your space in its truest form. That way we can suggest the best solutions for you and spot areas that may need more attention.
  • Should I get started before you come if I feel motivated?
    It is better to just do one big overhaul when we come instead of having to go through items twice. We ask about every, single, item regardless of if it's been recently gone through its part of our process.
  • Do I have to get rid of my belongings?
    We never make anyone get rid of anything they do not wish to. We know how important your belongings are and we love to help you honor those things.
  • Do you provide cleaning services?
    We do not clean homes, but our services do include some light cleaning like wiping down surfaces and cabinets. While we’re organizing, we may also do some light vacuuming or sweeping if needed. Many of our clients find it helpful to have us come over and organize to get your space ready for a cleaning service to come.
  • Can you help with estate cleanouts or downsizing?
    Yes, we frequently help people downsize and can completely clear out homes. If you have items you’d like to sell, we can arrange the sale of items valued over $100 for a 30% fee. We also assist with estate sales and auctions if you have many unwanted items to sell.
  • What do you do with trash?
    We do not handle the disposal of trash, but we can arrange for a pickup or dumpster services on site.
  • Can you assist with organizing home offices or workspaces?
    Yes! We love organizing home offices. A peaceful office can make all the difference and can make your workday more efficient. Your workspace is so important!
  • Do you hang shelves and put together furniture?
    We don’t specialize in building furniture, but we assemble shelving and help with interior decorating and hanging pictures and hooks for storage.
  • Are your services available for commercial or business spaces?
    Yes, we organize businesses and give them an updated and relaxed atmosphere where everything has a purpose.
  • Are the organizing systems you create easy to maintain on my own?
    Yes, we set you up for success by giving all your items a home and a purpose so you can keep the system going long after we leave. We’ll also coach you and your family along the way.
  • Do you offer any ongoing support or maintenance services?
    Yes, we frequently come back to help support you and your home, or to just touch up areas throughout the year as needed. We’ve also helped many of our ongoing clients through various life events like illnesses, injury, stress, new baby, moving, remodeling and more.
  • How do you handle sensitive or personal items during the organizing process?
    All items donated or rooms organized are kept confidential. We are here to support you and your privacy is always a top concern. We respect privacy and will be considerate of off-limits areas. For sensitive papers we suggest ways to remove your name and information. We can also set you up with a shredding company if you have large amounts of paper to be disposed of.
  • Do I have to be there for the session, or can I work or leave and run errands for a bit?
    We are completely fine if you leave, and we can make piles and ask questions via photos and text if you’re not there. This can be an overwhelming process and some people like to leave.
  • Can my kids be home?
    We love working with children and teaching independence at an early age. Sometimes we can include kids in the process, or we can work around them. It’s common for us to work around pets, kids, spouses, you name it!
  • Will I be involved in the decision-making process during the organizing?
    It all depends on the project size and your preferences. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you’d like. With bigger projects that have a large amount of decluttering that’s needed, we suggest working with us for at least part of the session to go over some “yes or no” questions. If you are unable to be there with us, we make suggested keep, donate, or throw piles for you to look at later on when it’s convenient for you.
  • What cities are you located in and how far do you drive?
    We work in all areas of the Twin Cities and metro areas. We are located south of Lakeville. Any job over 45 miles from Lakeville is subject to a 30 cents per mile charge.
  • How can I pay for services?
    We accept cash, check, credit card, PayPal or Venmo. You can pay at the end of your session, or we can invoice you.
  • Is there a cancellation or rescheduling policy?
    We know life happens! We ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule so we can schedule another client. Ideally, we’d like a 48-hour notice of cancelation.
  • How do I get started?
    Fill out the contact form on our website or you can call, text, or email us directly. Kelsie: 651-208-0450 Kristen: 612-804-0624 Email:
  • What if I can’t afford to hire peaceful life?
    Visit us on our social media platforms for updates, tips, resources, and giveaways! We are happy to connect with you via Facebook and Instagram and through our organizing groups that we have from time to time.
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