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  • Mind over Mess - Organizing Workshop
    Sun, Mar 19
    Join our private group Mind Over Mess. Buy tickets here to get access to all previously recorded videos and future classes. We usually record one a week to get your home organized step by step.
We are peaceful life

Peaceful Life Organizing Solutions was created to help people and businesses organize their space and declutter their lives. Peaceful Life is a Minnesota based company located in the Twin Cities and Southern Metro. Disorganization creates chaos in the mind and has a physiological affect on the body, which raises cortisol levels. Not only does clutter increase anxiety, but it can cause people to waste hours of their lives trying to search for lost items. We find homes for all your treasures. We come in and change the dynamic of the home. It's truly magical what we accomplish in a short amount of time. We have a system and we get results much faster than going at it alone. 

At Peaceful Life we know how to tackle any chaotic space. So many items are collected over the years and are forgotten about. We make sure everything has a place and believe you should only surround yourself with things you love. We help set up systems in the home so everything has a place and you can have your home as a peaceful sanctuary. We strongly care about the environment and make sure everything is recycled and disposed of properly.


We know what an emotional process organizing can be and we are sensitive to your needs. We are here to support you 100%. We hope to leave behind a feeling of ease with the new systems in place. We will give you the tools to help you live a simple and less stressful lifestyle. 

About PL

"Clearing the Clutter Gives you the freedom to live a more Peaceful Life."
-Kelsie Conant


We can help tackle and declutter any space in your home or office, top to bottom. Whether you want to downsize a home, blend homes, get organized, get ready to sell or unpack, we are here to help. You can be as involved in the process as you want; working side by side, or relaxing in the next room with some tea.


We work at your own pace, and help encourage and offer suggestions. We can handle all the lifting and transport of unwanted items, and help with selling items and can arrange for removal services. We also bring items to local domestic abuse shelters and our non-profit secondhand store to try and give the items a second life. We want to help the community and be intentional when rehoming your items. 


For people who are really busy and don’t have a 3-6 hour window, we also offer virtual workshops and live events you can watch via Facebook.  Check out our Facebook profile for more information!





Jewelry & Accessories

Handbags & Shoes




Food & Pantry


Butler's Pantry






Cupboards & Drawers 

Toiletries & Makeup

Towels & Linens

Cleaning Supplies

storage space





Storage Unit


Papers & Files

Electronic Categorization

Desk & Books

Photos & Sentimental Items

kids spaces

Arts & Crafts



Sports Equipment


How it works

Consultation &

Service Agreement



Organize &



Transport &





StEP 02:
organize & declutter

Each session lasts for 4 hours. During this time we will set up new organizing systems for your space. These systems are simple to maintain and will help make life easier. We will arrive with a game plan and will begin the organization process. We will start by taking everything out, and we will sort items into different categories; keep, sell, donate, recycle, and discard. Remember, you decide how involved you want to be in the process. If we work the entire day, there will be a 1 hour break. It is important to let the mind rest as decluttering can be an overwhelming process. At the end of the session we will collect payment, remove unwanted items, and discuss future appointments.

StEP 01: 
Consultation & Service Agreement

During the free one hour consultation we will take a look at the space. Please be aware that we do not pass judgement. We get very excited when we get to tackle a new project! After we do a walkthrough we will set up a timeline, discuss pricing, and get a time slot scheduled. We may wish to take pictures and do some research after viewing your space. Any storage solutions or products we recommend should be purchased and ready prior to our first session. A price estimation will be done at the consultation.  Be aware that this may change depending on the pace that you want to go. Every client is different.

StEP 03: 
Transportation & Recycle

After each session we will be responsible for safely transporting items to a donation center or a recycling facility. As a green business, we want to minimize waste as much as possible. We want to be conscientious of the environment whether its chemicals, clothing, shoes, small appliances, electronics, paper, plastics, batteries, etc. A few places we use are The Salvation Army, Savers, Goodwill, our non-profit store Grace & Glory, the Community Action Center, Domestic Abuse shelters, and The Recycling Zone. We also offer dumpster services, and can set up a cleaning service visit. We love networking and finding other resources for people. 

reasons to get orgnanized:

*Organization in the home is self care
*You will be able to think more clearly
*You will take your house back
*You will be able to get to the next chapter in life that is waiting for you
*Family members with sensory concerns will feel more calm and regulated
*It becomes easier to maintain and establish routines

It is SO important to commit only when you are ready and know exactly WHY you want to get organized. We are here when you are ready to go!

"We break the barrier to getting help. perfectionism is a liar."
-Kristen Hirsch
Pricing options


PACKAGE 1......$280/one 4-hour session

 1 Professional Organizer

 1 Area of your home


PACKAGE 2......$560/one 4-hour session

 2 Professional Organizers  

 Focused on 1-2 areas of the home


PACKAGE 3...…$2,520/six 3-hour sessions

 2 Professional Organizers



We drive out to your home,  do a complete walkthrough and give you a complete product list from the our favorite retailers

*Mileage over 45 miles will be .80/mile


 We will compile list of organizing products for purchase

  • Client must read and sign contract before the first session. 

  • Payment is required at the time of service. We accept cash, Venmo, Paypal and checks made out to Peaceful Life. 

  • Client is responsible for purchasing previously discussed items the first session. 

  • 48 hour cancellation notice required

  • Termination allowed anytime during process. 

Prices & Policies
About the dream team

Hello, my name is Kelsie Conant. I founded Peaceful Life in 2017, because I felt a strong desire to help others get organized with my lifelong natural abilities. As a young girl, I would straighten and tidy any area I could! I live in Elko, MN with my husband Jake and 3 children, Kylie, Lily, and Kassen. I enjoy working with people of all ages, including children and elderly, and love helping busy moms. I decided to start my own business and use my gifts to help people. I think having a support system creates confidence for my clients. I like to leave each space knowing that I’ve helped someone. I love incorporating the tiny details and using my creativity to make each space shine!


Hello!  My name is Kristen Hirsch.  I have known Kelsie since junior high!  After having four little kids and being a stay at home mom, I felt a deep desire to find something I could do outside the home to make a difference.  After reconnecting with Kelsie, we realized our missions were perfectly aligned, our energy together was electric, and our path to organize together was undeniable.  I have a natural talent for making people comfortable, bringing light to any home or situation, and have a love for people.  I have a passion for anything organizing, and love to know I've left a home better than I found it.

About Me
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